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On 26th to 28th July 2011 we documented the centre of Peel in the Isle of Man through photographs. The result is a unique snapshot of business and trade in Peel, which will be preserved on this website and in the Manx Museum. Find out how it happened.
The photographs, and the findings from a short questionnaire, are now available to view. The photos are organised into the following regions: Around Atholl Place (or Top of the Town), Michael Street, Around Market Place, the Promenade and Harbour Area, the Industrial Area, Ballawattleworth, and Civic Organisations.
This project is now closed, subject to further funding or sponsorship being attained.
Inspiration for the project came from both old and new. The old being a handful of photographs of shopkeepers stood proudly outside their premises in days gone by. These can be found in the collection of Peel's museum, The Leece Museum. The new being a number of web-based projects to provide a photographic account of shop fronts in particular areas, notably London Shop Fronts.
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Photography by Chris Littler and Sharon Sim
Thanks to the Peel traders who actively demonstrated their enthusiasm for this project by posing for a photograph or allowing us to photograph inside their premises.
Peel 2011 was led by Chris Littler Webdesign and, and sponsored by Peel Heritage Trust and The Manx Heritage Foundation.
Further help is needed. We had an unexpectedly large number of photographs and are seeking sponsorship to enable as many of them as possible to be included on the website. If you would like provide sponsorship or advertising, please get in touch!
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